At  C2 Bridal Makeup, we create fabulous hairstyles and give flawless make-up to  bring out the elegance of an everyday look with much style and sophistication.

Our  extensive experience with hair and make-up will bring a fresh look to your  personal style, and our hair care experts will give a unique look to your hair  structure; whether curly, long, short, fine or anything between with beautiful results.

We  realise the importance of a bride’s hair and make-up. We bring the feeling of a  weightless, effortless and a comfortable look that will have your guests in  awe!

My journey started with a Certification in Special Occasions and Bridal Make-up with Hannon Bothma and CPUT. The name derives from my kids’ names, Camryn and Cullen. Hence C2………..and, the journey has not ended !



  1. Hi there. I am getting married in August. Looking for someone to come to my house and do mine and bridesmaid makeup. Will I have to buy products or will you use your own? And what is the cost please.

  2. Hi

    Can you please send me your price list for hair and makeup to have it done at my house for bride and bridal party for next year 26 November 2016? I am in the Elsies River area.


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